A Course In Miracles

The Course helps us to practice forgiveness as the road to inner peace, and to remember the unconditional Love of God. Our study group offers a warm, supportive, open atmosphere where we learn how to apply the principles of the Course in our daily lives. This group meets weekly, Tuesdays, from 7:30pm to 9pm in the Ernest Holmes Room; love offering greatly appreciated.

Contact murielguilbaud@gmail.com for more information.

Animal Prayer Ministry

Recognizing animals as Spiritual Beings here to enrich our lives, prayer support is available for humans and animals to coexist with Peace and Love, knowing we are all one with God.

Email you prayers to animalprayer@nhcrs.org, or submit a prayer request in the church office.

Caring Circles

If you are looking to strengthen your spiritual practice and connect more deeply with your church community, join one of our Caring circles. Caring circles meet once a month in a congregant’s home. Eat, pray, love! Contact: Doreen Remo, doremobabe@aol.com

Circle of Healing

A bi-monthly gathering for those seeking inner peace and an enhanced state of well-being. You will be led, via your chakras, meditative music and gentle touch in a safe, comfortable environment. Contact Mary Catherine O’Heart, RScP, at 909-263-6223 or marycatherinern@aol.com for information.

Entertainment Prayer Group

A safe, Spiritual environment for all those working in the entertainment industry, including those who are aspiring or retired. Our monthly meetings are supportive, uplifting, energizing and transformative.

Email mrjonreiner@gmail.com for more information.

Grief Support

Change is continual. Grief is a normal response to loss. In grief, many feel alone and isolated. Loss can be painful, even devastating. Our Grief Support Group can help you through the difficult, painful time. We provide loving, non-judgmental, confidential, support towards healing at our monthly meetings on the fourth Sunday of every month, promptly at 1pm in the Holmes room. Email carolrscp@ca.rr.com for more information.

Helping Hand

The Helping Hand Ministry is the community outreach arm of the church. We give service to low income and homeless individuals by helping with after school homework, cooking breakfast 3 times per week, and gathering and distributing lightly used clothing. Contact Gail Pelote at gailpelote@yahoo.com for more information.


A unique walking meditation that uses sacred geometry as a pathway to invite Inner Wisdom to be revealed. Instruction led by individuals steeped in the wisdom and process of making this journey are always available during this deeply transformative experience.

Contact Kathleen Noone, RScP at kathleenonoone@gmail.com for more information.


This group meets weekly, Mondays at 6pm in the Ernest Holmes Room. A place of relaxation and healing, the meditation can last as long as an hour and includes guided relaxation, prayer, and silent contemplation, with accompanying music. Love is the all and all-in-all of this practice. Beginners are always welcome. Responsible giving.

Contact Paul Hartel, RScP at paul.hartel@yahoo.com for more information.

Men’s Group - Where Men Go from Good to Grace.

Join the Men’s Group at NHCRS in camaraderie, service, and trust. Our boisterous-yet-sacred weekly meetings are Sundays at 11:00 AM in the Holmes Room for fellowship and prayer.

Contact Shea Scullin at sheapscullin@gmail.com for more information.

Ministry of Prayer

In a healing consciousness of love we are here for you with Affirmative Prayer. Listen to an uplifting spoken Prayer anytime at Dial A Prayer 818-762-7566 (option 3). Request Personal Prayer via E-mail or call our Prayer Request Hotline at 818-762-7566 (option 4).

Receive a one-on-one Affirmative Prayer Treatment (also known as a “Minute Miracle”) from a licensed Practitioner after any regular Church service. Schedule a time with a licensed Practitioner to know and hold the Truth for you with a deeper examination of your concerns and needs. We are here FOR YOU!Prayer is offered as a free service for anyone who has a need.  All Prayer requests are kept in the strictest confidence.


Our unofficial greeting committee, this ministry provides an orderly system to manage our tandem spots so no one is “blocked in” and ensure traffic moves in an orderly fashion. Email samcrutcher@yahoo.com or mrjonreiner@gmail.com to volunteer.

Pastoral Care

This ministry supports loved ones in various stages of recovery from illness or accident, and those in need are visited, prayed for and nurtured by Pastoral Care Practitioners and trained members of our beloved Community.

Contact Annie Glassgow, RScP at grannie_annie_1998@yahoo.com for more information.

Prayer Shawls

Coming together in the Spirit of Life Itself, this ministry crafts a prayerful demonstration of Love in the creation of these blessed prayer shawls; we are honored to pass them on to loved ones. Meetings are the first Thursday of every month in the nursery at 6 pm, with a hiatus for July and August. Email lbarash01@gmail.com for more information.


A service characterized by meditation, candlelight, inspired readings, and melodious chants. The intention is to practice heartfelt devotion to God through the repetition of music taking one deeper into the stillness and beauty of the presence of SPIRIT. Held periodically throughout the year on Wednesdays and always followed by a potluck dinner.

Women's Group

We foster heartfelt fellowship in a loving and safe environment, facilitate joyful service opportunities and build church community. We celebrate our lives with passionate enthusiasm knowing we are all one in the Mind and Heart of God. Meets on the first Sunday of each month.

Contact Jeanne LaPorte, RScP at pracspirit@gmail.com for more information

Youth Church

Our purpose is to be a place of love for our children to fully embody their Divine Nature. We provide a safe and nurturing environment to encourage creativity and self awareness by using curriculum that includes tools of affirmative prayer and meditation.

We serve our Youth Both Services 9:45AM and 11:30 AM
Preschool/Kindergarten – Ages 2 to 4 –In the Nursery
Primary – Ages 5 to 10 – Jr. Church
Preteen – Ages 10 to 12 – Jr. Church
Teen – Ages 13 to 18 9:45AM Service only – In Ernest Holmes Room

Youth & Family Staff Minister, Rev. Nadine Weathersby
Annabeth Rickley, Teen Director
Julie Jacobs, Youth Director