Rev. Marc Laponce

Assistant Minister

Rev. Marc Laponce has more than 15 years as a minister through the Centers for Spiritual Living, and currently serves as the Assistant Minister at the North Hollywood church. Holding a Master’s of Divinity and a Bachelor’s in Theater Arts, with significant work in the corporate world, Rev. Marc brings a polished leadership style and heartfelt compassion to his work. He connects with people on all levels through his open heart and his ability to help people see the big picture of their lives, not just the details of their current concerns. Rev. Marc uses humor, compassion and enlightenment in his dealings with congregants and he has the uncanny ability to guide people to the depths of emotions while lighting them up with laughter.

Rev. Marc draws from the teachings of all religions, ancient philosophies, and quantum physics that rely on the divinity within everyone. He sees the innate potential in us all to expand our capacity to give and receive love. Whatever the belief system, there is a life-affirming way to experience love and fulfillment and make life positive. His greatest strength is that he truly loves people and has a deep appreciation for diversity. He prides himself on his ability to deliver complex spiritual and metaphysical principles in ways that people can relate to with ease. He sincerely believes that there is a way to bring goodness into every situation in life.

Prior to becoming a minister, Rev. Marc managed a customer service help desk where he thrived on collaborating with his colleagues and staff to find solutions to potential problems. Today, as the Assistant Minister at the North Hollywood Church, he continues to derive tremendous joy and fulfillment in helping congregants develop a deeper sense of Oneness with God and helps them to find their greatest experience and expression of life in their own unique ways.

Rev. Marc shares his life in Sherman Oaks with his partner, Joe, and their two mini macaws, Chloe and Puffin. He is an enthusiastic traveler with a particular love of France where he has many family members.